Introduction of Freon Refrigerant Spray

Freon usually serves as refrigerant, foaming agent or cleaning agent, and widely used in household appliances, foamed plastic, daily-use chemicals, vehicle and fire equipment.

The composition of Freon(refrigerant) used in car air-condition is 134a, so it is also called 134a refrigerant or 134a car air-condition refrigerant. As an essential raw material for environmental air-condition refrigeration, it is stable and fast to refrigerate. The market products usually include 200g or 250g, but rarely 300g. There are still few refrigerants such as r12 and r22 that are less environmental in the market. We offer a whole set of of filling machine for Freon(refrigerant) used in car air-condition as well as production technology support.

Technology of Freon Refrigerant Spray

The Freon refrigerant, with different chemical constitution and structure, differs greatly in thermodynamic property. It is suitable for refrigerators of high, moderate and low temperature, which can meet different needs of cryogenic temperature. The Freon refrigeration system includes high-pressure system, low-pressure system, oil system and defrosting system.

The selection and calculation of Freon refrigeration system and equipment is the same as that of ammonia refrigeration system. And the selection of refrigeration compressor depends on the load of refrigerator that uses cooling unit, selected type of Freon refrigerant, refrigeration condition and the type of compressor.

Freon Refrigerant Spray Filling Solution

Just follow our formula, and you can start production with guidance of technician. It only needs one or two people to finish flow line production, not limited by degree of education and production environment.

aerosol filling machine for dashboard cleaner production - tygulida

1600D Under Cup Aerosol Filling Machine for Freon Refrigerant Spray Production

This machine is a semiautomatic refrigerant filling machine, which adopts under cap filling. It consists of vacuuming, gas filling and recycling units. And its filling metering can be adjusted by the volume of can. This machine only needs one person to operate, producing about 2500-3500 cans per day.

Outline of host (L*W*H) (mm) 970*510*1500
Height of aerosol can (mm) 120~320
Diameter of aerosol can (mm) Customizable
Closing diameter (mm) 27.5
Gas filling accuracy(mm): Closing contact height
Capacity (cans/hr) 500-1000
Max gas consumption (L/min) 1000
2800B full automatic aerosol filling machine for spray paint production - tygulida

1600DT Small Automatic Under Cap Vacuum Filling Machine for Freon Refrigerant Spray Production

This automatic under cap vacuum filling machine sets vacuuming, compressed air filling and sealing in one. It will finish filling and sealing under the cap with vacuumed condition. It is easy to operate with Piston vacuum pump, gas pump, recycle pump. It can fill accurately and seal with good gas tightness. And it can be used for filling the refrigerant(F12, F22, R134a), air condition lubricants.

Outline (L*W*H) (mm) 1200*800*1700
Capacity (cans/hr) 800-1800
Gas fill (ml) ≤300 (Customizable)
Repeated filling accuracy 0.5%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±0.03mpa
Diameter of aerosol can (mm) 35-65 (Customizable)
Height of aerosol can (mm) 30-400 (customizable)
Valve (mm) 25.4 (1 inch)
Gas supply (MPA) 0.5-0.7
Max gas consumption (m^3/min) 1.3

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