Working Principle of Dashboard Cleaner

There is propellant which is compressed into liquid filled in the pressure container, with a small amount of gas to create and keep certain pressure. When opening the valve, the liquid is pressed into the valve through pipe chute under pressure. The liquid coming out from the valve diffuses like mist due to the pressure inside droplets. After liquid discharge, the reduced volume inside container is supplemented by a little propellant. Thus, it forms a circle and continually circulates until all the liquid inside container is discharged. With different product, propellant and valve, it is possible to produce different vaporous, foamy or powdery droplets.

Production Technology of Dashboard Cleaner

Dashboard cleaner is a kind of aerosol product, which is produced by aerosol technology. It consists of raw material for dashboard cleaner, propellant, pressure container(aerosol can), valve system, nozzle and cap. Aerosol product has the virtue of high-efficiency, cleanness and beauty, and is user-friendly. Adopting sealing device, the product will not deteriorate because of being exposed to air, which is fairly vital to those components which tend to oxidize such as deodorant, spice and paint. The aerosol product can choose different size of droplets according to various needs. Space spray like room deodorant and insecticide, needs fine droplet; surface spray like sunscreen spray and spray paint, middle droplet; foam products, exquisite foam to equably disperse active matter.

Dashboard Cleaner  Filling Solution

Just follow our formula, and you can start production with guidance of technician. It only needs one or two people to finish flow line production, not limited by degree of education and production environment.

aerosol filling machine for dashboard cleaner production - tygulida

1600AT Aerosol Filling Machine for Dashboard Cleaner Production

1600AT Aerosol filling machine consists of liquid filling, automatic valve inserting, sealing and propellant gas filling machines. Instead of original transmission system, the linear screw bottle pusher is flexible and efficient, which includes manual and automatic models to choose during operational process. And it can be equipped with can arranging machine, nozzle presser, cap presser, ink jet printer and packing table. With aerosol industry entering the period of rapid-growing, the aerosol product is keeping developed and innovated.

The new type of aerosol which finishes propellant filling after vacuuming tends to be favored by the market. And the vacuuming system can be customized with supplied samples. This machine is widely used in many related industries such as: daily-use chemical, car accessory, sanitation and hygiene, industry and construction, as well as food and drug industry. For example: moisturizing spray, dashboard cleaner, cleaning agent, air freshener, spray paint, portable butane fuel stove, gas tank for mountaineering etc.

Production capacity: 800-1800cans/hour
Max liquid volume(ml): 10-1000ml
Max gas volume(ml): 10-750ml
Liquid filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Working pressure: 0.75-0.9Mpa
Air consumption: 1.3m³/min
Applicable aerosol can diameter: 35-65mm
Applicable aerosol can height: 70-330mm
Available valve: 1”(25.4mm)
2800B full automatic aerosol filling machine for spray paint production - tygulida

1600A 3 in 1 Aerosol Filling Machine for Dashboard Cleaner Production

This machine with liquid filling, sealing and gas filling heads are fixed in one working table, needs three people to do linear transmission to finish filling and production. It can work more stably and safely with a booster pump.

The sealing machine makes full advantages of Pamasol’s advanced structural technology for filling machine. The crimping head adopts oriented-sealing which can guarantee high-quality and high-speed sealing, and it is easy to operate, adjust and maintain. This machine consists of two air cylinders. It uses lower cylinder (clamping cylinder) to drive crimping head to compress aerosol valve, and finishes sealing by upper cylinder. And this machine is exclusively used in internal-swelling sealing for international one-inch aerosol valve.

This machine is very durable without frequent changing of seal element, and has a longer working life than other similar products.

Production capacity: 3000-5000cans/day
Max liquid volume(ml): 50ml-750ml
Max gas volume(ml): 0.2-1.5mpa
Liquid filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±0.03mpa
Working pressure: 0.65-1.0Mpa
Air consumption: 1.0(m3/min)
Applicable aerosol can diameter: φ35-φ65
Applicable aerosol can height: 70-330mm
Available valve: 1〞(25.4mm)

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