Bag on valve filling technology is a recent trend aerosol filling technique. This filling technique helped us fixed many unusual filling issues.   Bag on valve filling technique usually used for those who have high requirements of environmental friendly aerosol products and prone to be corrosion products, such as cosmetic products, aerosol food sprayer products etc.

Bov 3

With BOV technology, we place your product’s contents into a composite bag, keeping it completely separate from any propellant, can or external contamination. We then pressurize the space between the bag and the can with nitrogen or compressed air. When the end-user presses down on the actuator, the product is squeezed out of the bag by the propellant, producing a continuous spray that is identical to an aerosol.

With BOV technology, we are now able to provide our customers professional bag on valve aerosol filling machines, both semi-automatic and full automatic.  These bag on valve aerosol filling machines are feature with:

  • Easy to use: Designed with simply operation system, PLC control, monitor every step of your operation. Provide guidance of how to operation the machine as well, even if you never heard of this type of machine, you can easily get start the machine running without any difficulties. 
  • Safety guarantee: The machines are designed to be pneumatic driven, all the driven components are imported from famous supplier, no electricity, fire, and such dangerous components.

Manufacturing your product with BOV technology brings numerous additional advantages, including:

  • The flexibility to dispense the product in any form, such as liquid, gel or cream
  • The ability to continuously spray the product from any angle, even upside down
  • The ability to package your product with a standard actuator in steel or aluminum cans
  • Complete protection from oxygen exposure, eliminating the need to add preservatives
  • The elimination of any chilling effect