When it comes to production any aerosol products, aerosol cans are as important as formula and aerosol filling machines. Aerosol cans include two kinds of material, one is aluminum cans, one is tin cans. We are not manufacturer of aerosol cans, but we are able  to provide qualified aerosol cans once our customer’s needed. We are also a reliable partner with our customers for design and print as you requested, as we are works with wide range of suppliers who are cooperated with us for many years. We can do these service for you to save your time, or you can directly contact them for double check.

Aerosol packaging accessories also include aerosol valve, aerosol nozzle, aerosol cap. These accessories may directly determine your production speed and quality, even the product selling volume. 

No matter what factors affect your production, Jrpacking always gives you the most appropriate and cost effective packaging solution for you.