Introduction of Spray Paint

Spray paint(aerosol paint) is usually made up of aerosol can, aerosol valve, filler (paint) and propellant. After high-pressure filling through a special process, the paint becomes easy to spray. So it is also called manual paint.

Usage of Spray Paint

The spray paint is used widely. With the development of economy in recent years, it is not just used for paint re-patching, but for various industries such as: mold, industrial machinery, toy, crafts, musical instrument, construction, steel structure, advertising, publicity, signboard and graffiti. Even in some less industrialized grasslands and pastoral areas, it is said that different color of spray paint is used to distinguish every farmer’s herds of cattle and goats.

Work Flow of Spray Paint Filling

Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Solutions

Aerosol Spray Paint Filling Solutions

The aerosol spray paint usually consists of aerosol can, aerosol valve, filler (paint) and propellant, as well as the ball that is put in the aerosol can for stirring. Aerosol spray paint filling solutions can be selective, take a look at following alternative solutions.

aerosol filling machine for aerosol spray paint production - tygulida

1600A 3 in 1 Aerosol Filling Machine for Spray Paint Production

1600A machine, whose liquid filling, sealing and gas filling heads are fixed in one working table, can work more stably and safely with a booster pump.

In term of equipment material, its sealing element uses the product of Taiwan Hangsheng Sealing Science and Technology Ltd; and its air cylinder, AirTAC, with novel and beautiful appearance. In order to fit the filling of different liquids including corrosive liquid, the contact segment of liquid filling is made from stainless steel 316L and adopts seal element made by PTFE. This machine is very durable without frequent changing of seal element, and has a longer working life than other similar products.

This machine consists of two air cylinders. It uses lower cylinder (clamping cylinder) to drive crimping head to compress aerosol valve, and finishes sealing by upper cylinder. And this machine is exclusively used in internal-swelling sealing for international one-inch aerosol valve.

Production capacity: 4000-5000cans/day
Max liquid volume(ml): 20ml.50ml,100ml,300ml,500ml,1000ml
Max gas volume(ml): 20ml.50ml,100ml,200ml,400ml,500ml
Liquid filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Working pressure: 0.65-1.0Mpa
Air consumption: 0.8(m3/min)
Applicable aerosol can diameter: 35-65mm
Applicable aerosol can height: 70-330mm
Available valve: 1”(25.4mm)
2800B full automatic aerosol filling machine for spray paint production - tygulida

2800B Full Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine for Spray Paint Production

2800B Automatic aerosol filling line has adopted foreign advanced technology. With the working principle of piston, its liquid filling system is suitable for many viscous liquids. The whole machine is made from stainless steel 304. And the crimping head adopts oriented-sealing which can guarantee high-quality. Likewise, with the oriented gas filling, the gas filling machine can be more accurate, efficient and reduce gas consumption. This machine has a high production efficiency. It is safe, stable and easy to operate and maintain. Besides, its technical index has already reached the level of the same kind of product at abroad. This machine is in the leading level of this industry, and has been sold to Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

It is mainly used to produce spray like spray paint. This machine is suitable for both tinplate and aluminum can, not limited by the material of container. It applies to one-inch valve. The whole machine adopts rotating-disk transmission principle, which can produce 35-60 cans per minute to meet the need of manufacturer.

Production capacity: 2400-3600 cans/hr
Max liquid volume(ml): 50-560ml
Max gas volume(ml): 50-500ml(liquid)
Liquid filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Working pressure: 0.6-1.0mpa
Air consumption: 5m³/min
Applicable aerosol can diameter: φ35-φ65
Applicable aerosol can height: 70-330mm
Available valve: 1〞(25.4mm)

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