How Does Aerosol Filling Machines Work? 

Quality Assurance

We are fully understand that what we work directly affect your project profit, so don’t hesitate to check out our R&D strength and technical support capability.

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We experienced many aerosol products project from almost all over the world. With more than 10 professional chemist work for our research center, we have capability of providing cost-effective formulations to our customers. These chemists are dive into aerosol field for over 30 years, they know much more than just every single chemical material, but in-depth knowledge of aerosol spray and dispensing characteristics.

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The qualified aerosol filling machines are design and manufactured by our professional team which has specialized in this filed for more than 20 years. When we design the outlet of aerosol filling machine, we always stand for customer’s point, not only considering the practical performance, but also the filling speed, filling accuracy, and work stable performance as well. 

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Bag on valve aerosol filling technology is a recent trend filling technique. This filling technique helped us fixed many unusual filling issues.   Bag on valve filling technique usually used for those who have high requirements of environmental friendly products and prone to be corrosion products, such as cosmetic products, aerosol food sprayer products etc.

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To cooperate with Jrpacking, we make you easily start your project. The most important is we are provide regulatory support after you purchased our aerosol filling machines. We know that you need us to guide you how to installation the equipment, how to get the equipment start work, how to maintain the machine, how to achieve your  productivity goals, how to make sure the quality of your products.

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Quality assurance is the corner stone of cooperation with our customers. Whatever you purchased what service or machines from Jrpacking, we always pay much attention to the quality. Our quality system include:

  • All the raw material or incoming parts we have purchased from other supplier, inspected by our professional quality control team before it goes into our storage.
  • All the third part produced parts must be audited before goes to production process.
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When it comes to production any aerosol products, aerosol cans are as important as formula and aerosol filling machines. Aerosol cans include two kinds of material, one is aluminum cans, one is tin cans. We are not manufacturer of aerosol cans, but we are able  to provide qualified aerosol cans once our customer’s needed. We are also a reliable partner with our customers for design and print as you requested, as we are works with wide range of suppliers who are cooperated with us for many years. We can do these service for you to save your time, or you can directly contact them for double check.

One-Stop Solution For Aerosol Filling Production

Aerosol Valves And Cans

Jrpacking always take customers as first consideration, we provide one-stop solutions for aerosol filling products including:

  • Aerosol Valves, Bag On Valves;
  • Aerosol Actuators and Spray Caps;
  • Spray Pumps, Perfumery Pumps and Dispensers;
  • Aerosol Cans;
  • Aerosol Filling Machines and Lines.
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Solutions For Various Applications

Aerosol filling machine can be used for many industries, but how to select a right machine for your application? Take a look at these applications in detail:

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Get To Know Us

About Jrpacking Company 

Who We Are

JRPACKING founded in 1995, located in Wuhan, China.  We are specializes in design and manufacturing Aerosol Filling Machine. Aerosol filling machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural chemical and cosmetic industries.

We offer solutions that match exactly the customers’ needs during the various links of filling equipment. Relying on science and technology for development, and providing customers with high-tech product is our constant pursuit.

Know More

Industry Credit

  • Aerosol Filling Machine Production Line Ranked No.1 In China.
  • Top 3 Filling Machine Supplier In Asia.
  • Aerosol Filling Machine Manufacturing Technology With Patent.
  • Cooperation With Many Famous University & Institute of Science & Technology.
  • Export Volume Have Been Exceed 20Million Dollars.

 Our Beloved Customers

We have the aerosol filling machine working now. It seems to work well, thank you. I will contact you after new year to order a full automatic aerosol filling machine.
HomeRaymond Whitley
The aerosol filling machine 1600AT has doubled our productivity more than 180%, and work stable. I appreciate all your help and hard work and look forward to placing more orders in the near future!
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What Set Us Different From Competitors?

  • Improve Design

    Improving design of every process of filling constantly, this will help to improving the user experience of products.
  • Professional Service

    Able to provide professional service for both pre-sales and after-sales.
  • Wonderful Products

    Wide range of aerosol filling machine products makes easy choice for customers.
  • OEM Acceptable

    OEM service make your any demand become realistic and easy!
  • Fast Delivery

    Large stock makes fast delivery once you ordered, you needn’t to wait for long time.
  • Competitive Price

    Jrpacking ONLY provide competitive price and quality guranteed products!
  • Full Line Products

    Covers most applications and productivity of aerosol filling machine products.
  • Quality Guarantee

    Professional R&D team, and strict quality control systems to make sure top quality.