Aerosol Personal Care Products Filling Solution

Jrpacking cooperated with more than 10 scientific institutes including Chinese Academy of Sciences, WUHAN University and so on.We have designed series of solutions according to different problems which may happen to production of aerosol personal care products.

Aerosol personal care products filling solutions among which are perfume aerosol spray products,  facial spray products, sunscreen spray products etc.

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Aerosol Personal Care Products Filling Solutions

Perfume Spray Production Solution:

The people who usually use perfume never worry about their meals. Therefore, this superiority complex of life naturally integrates with the noble smell of perfume itself. This is a group of people who differentiate form other ordinary people. Maybe, they have a kind of peculiarity of grace, fashion, elegance and charm.

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ficial spray filling solution - jrpacking

Facial Spray Production Solution

The toner is one of the necessities that all women use everyday. And the amount of toner consumption is extremely staggering and the repurchase rate of it is also high. It is fair to say that where there is human, there is toner.

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Aerosol Personal Care Products Filling Solutions

Sunscreen Spray Production Solution

The sunscreen spray is different from traditional sunscreen cream. The sunscreen cream is directly used on the surface of skin, only serving as the surface protection because of its large molecular weight. 

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