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Aerosol Food Products Filling Solutions

Jrpacking cooperated with more than 10 scientific institutes including Chinese Academy of Sciences, WUHAN University and so on.We have designed series of solutions according to different problems which may happen to production of aerosol food products.

Aerosol food products filling solutions among which are butter spray products, olive olive oil spray products, cake release spray products etc.

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Olive Oil Spray Production Solution

There are more than 200 kinds of extra virgin olive oil in the world. The olive oil is greatly favored by the residence in the Mediterranean coast. And the olive oil industry has already existed for thousands of years, which first appeared in Izmir region of the Aegean coast in Turkey as a processing workshop. And this processing shop has a history of 1500 years up to now. There are more than …

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Cake Release Spray Production Solution

With the rapid improvement of food technology and the increasing requirement for the quality of life, the cake release spray should not only satisfy the functional need of customers, but also guarantee the safety and operability of products during use.

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Butter Spray Production Solution:

The butter spray is very popular in Western countries. People no longer use traditional table-knife to spread butter on the bread in order to improve the taste. Using butter spray not only can make your bread more evenly spread with butter, but also is more safe and efficient, which can bring you a rich and fruitful day.

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