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Aerosol Household Products Filling Solutions

Jrpacking cooperated with more than 10 scientific institutes including Chinese Academy of Sciences, WUHAN University and so on.We have designed series of solutions according to different problems which may happen to production of aerosol household products.

Aerosol household products filling solutions among which are fresh air spray products, air freshener spray products, aerosol pesticide spray products etc.

Top Solutions

Based on experience

Fresh Air Production Solution

As for the satire on their ideas of selling free air to China, the sellers refute it, saying we have actually started to recognize the importance of clean, fresh and pure water, so it is also necessary for us to pay attention to air. Like bottled water, canned air is also a sunrise industry because people have realized that it is different from ordinary air…

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Air Freshener Production Solution

The main materials in the technical formula of air freshener include: 1. Deodorant. Apart from propellant and compressed air, the air freshening material inside the sealed can produce a chemical reaction with sulfur compound, ammonia, amine and formaldehyde, such as ferrous sulfate. 2. Freshener. It is mostly alcohol …

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Aerosol Pesticide Spray Production Solution

The pesticide still takes a dominant position in the international farm chemical market. Three kinds of farm chemical: pesticide, bactericide and herbicide, are the main body of international farm chemical market. In 2004, the sales of pesticide, bactericide and herbicide respectively accounted for 25:24:48 of total sales of global farm chemical market. In 2009, the pesticide still occupied …

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