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Aerosol Automotive Products Filling Solution

Jrpacking cooperated with more than 10 scientific institutes including Chinese Academy of Sciences, WUHAN University and so on.We have designed series of solutions according to different problems which may happen to production of aerosol automotive products.

Aerosol automotive products filling solutions among which are dashboard cleaner spray products, freon spray products, glass cleaner spray products etc.

Top Solutions

Based on experience

Dashboard Cleaner Spray Production Solution

Dashboard cleaner is a kind of aerosol product, which is produced by aerosol technology. It consists of raw material for dashboard wax, propellant, pressure container(aerosol can), valve system, nozzle and cap. Aerosol product has the virtue of high-efficiency, cleanness and beauty, and is user-friendly. Adopting sealing device, the product will not deteriorate …

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Freon Spray Production Solution

The composition of Freon(refrigerant) used in car air-condition is 134a, so it is also called 134a refrigerant or 134a car air-condition refrigerant. As an essential raw material for environmental air-condition refrigeration, it is stable and fast to refrigerate. The market products usually include 200g or 250g, but rarely 300g. There are still few refrigerants such as r12 and r22 that are less environmental in the market.

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