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Jrpacking cooperated with more than 10 scientific institutes including Chinese Academy of Sciences, WUHAN University and so on.We have designed series of solutions according to different problems which may happen to production of aerosol technical products.

Aerosol technical products solutions among which are PU foam spray for construction application, spray paint for painting, rust removal spray for industrial application, dashboard cleaner for car care, mold release agent spray for manufacturing molding application, universal foaming agent for car care application, carburetor cleaning agent for car care etc solutions.

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Aerosol Technical Products Solution

PU Foam Spray Production Solution:

The PU Foam Spray is mainly used to fill, seal and bond side seam of building doors and windows, expansion joint of building components and hole. It is a kind of PU elastic packing foam material which relies on moisture for curing. And it can be divided to two types: tube-type and gun-type. The gun-type one can only be used with a specialized PU foaming gun, whereas the tube-type one is …

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Aerosol Technical Products Solution

Aerosol Spray Paint Production Solution

The spray paint is used widely. With the development of economy in recent years, it is not just used for paint re-patching, but for various industries such as: mold, industrial machinery, toy, crafts, musical instrument, construction, steel structure, advertising, publicity, signboard and graffiti. Even in some less industrialized  …

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Rust Removing Spray Production Solution

Rust removing spray is widely used in various industries such as: manufacturing, construction, repairing, transportation, energy, electric power, petroleum and mining; and also suitable for rust removing of  …

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