Introduction of Rust Removing Sprayer

The ferrous metal(steel) tends to rust if placed outdoors or in the open-air. It will not only damage its appearance and quality, but also influence paint spraying and bonding. And if not be disposed in time, it may even result in material scrapping, causing unnecessary financial loss.

Usage of Rust Removing Sprayer

It is widely used in various industries such as: manufacturing, construction, repairing, transportation, energy, electric power, petroleum and mining; and also suitable for rust removing of all kind of steel such as: mechanical equipment, vehicle, ship, ordnance, hardware tool, building template and metal parts. Its superior performance can bring you unexpected convenience and benefit.

Rust Removing Spray Filling Solution

Just follow our formula, and you can start production with guidance of technician. It only needs one or two people to finish flow line production, not limited by degree of education and production environment.

aerosol filling machine for dashboard cleaner production - tygulida

2800A Basic Aerosol Filling Machine Line for Rust Removing Sprayer Production

2800A Automatic aerosol filling machine is the small configuration of automatic series, which is independently researched and developed by our company, and gets the CE certification.

This machine adopts rotating-disk transmission and location, whose liquid filling, valve correcting, sealing and gas filling heads are fixed in one working table. It can be added with automatic weighing machine, nozzle presser and cap presser. With compact design and small floor space, it has a high production efficiency and can save labor costing like the flow line production.

This automatic machine is an advanced product which can replace semiautomatic machine with a reasonable price. Apart from conveyor belt of production line which is supported by a blast-proof variable speed motor, the rest are driven by compressed air with high safety.

Production capacity: 1500-2000cans/hour
Max liquid volume(ml): 10-1000ml
Max gas volume(ml): 10-750ml
Liquid filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Working pressure: 0.75-0.9Mpa
Air consumption: 3m³/min
Applicable aerosol can diameter: 35-65mm
Applicable aerosol can height: 70-330mm
Available valve: 1”(25.4mm)
2800B full automatic aerosol filling machine for spray paint production - tygulida

2800B Full Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine for Rust Removing Sprayer Production

2800B Automatic aerosol filling line is the advanced configuration of automatic series. This machine has adopted foreign advanced technology. Its liquid and gas filling heads won’t work unless there is a can under them. And the crimping and gas filling heads adopt oriented-design which makes it convenient to have a precise location.

This machine is equipped with a series of automatic systems: can arranging and transferring, liquid filling, valve arranging and inserting, sealing, gas filling, weighing and selecting, water bath testing, nozzle pressing, cap pressing and ink jet printing transmission line. The equipment parts that may touch material are all made from stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L, which are anti-corrosion, energy-saving, environmental and safe. Both the seal element used inside the machine and the control element of gas circuit use the product of international famous brands. It has a high production efficiency, and is stable, durable and easy to operate. Besides, its main technical index has already reached the leading level of the same kind of product at abroad.

Production capacity: 2500-3200cans/hour
Max liquid volume(ml): 10-1000ml
Max gas volume(ml): 10-750ml
Liquid filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Gas filling accuracy: ≤±0.03mpa
Working pressure: 0.65-1.0Mpa
Air consumption: 5m³/min
Applicable aerosol can diameter: φ35-φ65
Applicable aerosol can height: 70-330mm
Available valve: 1〞(25.4mm)

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