What is the prospect for canned air business in China market?

Canned air business in China is not a conceptual speculation anymore. It is a real business project which can provide both sellers and users a win-win deal.

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With the high sales of Vitality canned air in China, this business has attracted more attention for numerous businessmen. Many entrepreneurs want to be involved in this business but don’t understand the Chinese market, neither stuck in wait-and-see situations nor have the money in hand but don’t know how to start the business.

Why do they wait-and-see? Why don’t they know how to start this business?

In the final analysis, this is caused by not fully understanding the nature and real situation of the canned air business in China.

Any business is greatly related with time.

If you are able to keep a sensitive market sense like the Vitality Company, and work out with action, then you should already be earning a lot from this business.

The good news is, it’s not too late for you to start on this type of business from now on.

The best Part?

Small and medium sellers or just startups would take the greatest advantage in this business are: You don’t have to invest great amounts of money to promote air business advertisements to attract a wide range of consumers’ awareness. This is because those big companies have spent money and time did the same.

Then what are the opportunities for these small and medium sellers and startups?

The answer is, differentiation.

How to differentiate?

  1. Product differentiation.
  2. Market differentiation.

Let’s dive into how to proceed with product differentiation step by step.

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Step1. Customize fresh air to be different flavors.

As air is the basic condition for human being’s to live, its scarcity and importance is universal to all human beings in the world whether poor or rich, white or black, fat or slim. When it comes to air, we are equal.

The problem is, as everybody is the same, how do we differentiate?

Here is the deal:

We have three meals a day in many flavors, some like sweet, some like sour, some like spicy, some like sweet and sour, even some like bitter…

In the same way, air is also can be customized in many flavors!

What exactly do I mean by that?

Demand of fresh air is the point behind equality. Everybody needs air but that does not means everyone needs the same air. In fact, we are unable to ensure all air is the same, isn’t it?

Some people like mint flavor air, some people like orange flavor air, some people like air with many different flower aromas, some people like air that has no flavor at all.

Sounds good? But would it be really easy to get it?

Fortunately, this matter can be done without much difficulty!

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If you has doubt about how to achieve that, you are probably worried based on the following points:

  1. How to customize air with many flavors? Could it be achieved through adding spice?
  2. Would adding spice increase manufacturing costs?
  3. Is it safe to add spice? Air is something after all that is inhaled into the human body.
  4. Is there any other method that can be used to achieve different flavor air?

Let’s come and solve each of the above problems.

  1. Adding spice can make the air to be different flavor, but it requires only food grade spices.
  2. The cost to add food grade spice is negligible and can be ignored since only a tiny drop of spice will be added to each bottle.
  3. Addition of a small amount of food grade spice would not cause any harm to the body.
  4. There are others methods: when collecting fresh air, directly select places that have natural flower and grass flavors.

As a conclusion to all the points above, the fourth point is the safest and the most suitable method for people to readily accept.

Step 2. Choice for air resource.

Here we are talking about selecting an air source, it does not means selecting the place that has natural flower and grass flavors to collect air.

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Most people know that mountainous air is of good quality, since it has a high concentration of negative oxygen ion and is less polluted.

However, the quality of mountain’s air changes based on different time periods. According to specialists, the best quality fresh air is from half an hour after sunrise to 10 o clock in the morning. During this time the oxygen negative ion content in the air is higher, especially the air around the vegetation, because there is sunshine, and sunlight is not too strong.

Collecting air before sunrise isn’t a good option. Since at this time, the air has more carbon dioxide and it isn’t of the best quality.

There is a better place that is suitable for air collection, lakeside zones.

This is because the lake water releases the negative oxygen ion, and beside the lake, there is unique humidity that is able to improve the air quality.

Obviously, selecting a clear, bright lake located near mountainous regions is much better than a polluted lake around the town center.

Step3. Air bottle’s package differentiation.

This is a part that most businessmen easily neglect.

There are various packaging methods available in the market which include glass bottles, plastic bottles, iron cans, aluminum cans and they come in various shapes and sizes.

When selecting packaging, it shouldn’t be based on aesthetics e.g. good looks or a fancy appearance, neither should it be based on a convenient manufacturing process of filling air. It is should be based on the user’s point of view that they consider when selecting a packaging bottle.

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Here are some tips when selecting the packaging bottles:

Tips#1. Material.

Glass material is the safest, but it is too heavy, fragile, and not easy to carry and transmit. It isn’t convenient for manufacturers when it comes to filling canned air. The advantage of plastic is low cost, but less security, since once fresh air oxygenates in the plastic bottles, the plastic materials have some reaction with the oxygenated air. Iron material packaging easily rusts and rots after oxygenation. It costs slightly higher than plastic material. Aluminum material has slightly higher costs than iron, but doesn’t easily rust. It is the best choice.

Tips #2. Weight.

Since the weight problem in the transport process directly affects the cost, it isn’t difficult to see that aluminum is the best choice.

Tips #3. Storage.

Glass bottles can easily break when in large volumes and therefore glass isn’t the best choice. Iron cannot be preserved for a long time since it easily gets rusty and isn’t the best choice, and neither are plastic cans. The aluminum can is the most appropriate choice.

Tips #4. Cost.

Glass bottles are the most costly followed by aluminum cans, then iron cans and finally plastic bottles which are the cheapest.

Tips #5. Security.

The aluminum can is the safest followed by glass bottles, then iron bottles, and finally plastic bottles.

Bottom line: Many sellers just want to pursue profits at the beginning and may considering sacrifice the quality by using plastic bottles. This isn’t a wise choice. If you truly take the air product as a serious business, the lowest limit of packaging you should consider is iron cans.

Step 4. Air can’s design.

Never underestimate the benefit that a product’s appearance design will bring to you.

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Currently the market has air packaging mostly in fresh, simple, environmentally friendly design styles. These design styles are good, but if your design style could inspire consumers the better as it would produce a kind of intend to purchase once they looked at the package.

These kinds of design can highlight your product’s advantages and have a close connection with the consumer, rather than following others to print blue sky, white cloud, green grass, red flowers, etc.

Let’s get down to market differentiation.

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When people talk about places whose air is polluted, most people would think of China, India, Africa and other underdeveloped countries. However people in developed countries like United Kingdom, France and Germany are facing serious air pollution as well.

In all these places we have mentioned, those who are seriously affected by air pollution are in China. In addition, chinese population is the largest in the world, this means that canned air business has the largest market in China.

The question is how to differentiate the air business market in China?

Tips #1. Sales channel differentiation.

Online sales, like China largest online shops, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong.

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How then do you choose these online sales shops?

  • Taobao’s is characterized by low investment cost and low threshold. You only need 1000 RMB security deposit to open a shop.
  • Tmall is an upgradeonline shop of Taobao and it focuses on brand. It has a much higher threshold, with higher investment cost, from 50000 RMB to 200000 RMB.
  • Jing Dong has a self-operated shop and an outside-operated shop. It has higher threshold. Investment cost ranges from 30000 RMB to 200000 RMB. The obvious characteristic for Jing Dong is fast logistics. The self-operated shop takes goods delivered in the same day if placing order before 11:00 a.m.

In conclusion, each of the online shops have characteristics based on your product positioning to choose from.

Tips #2. To cooperate with the local travel spot area.

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Travel spot areas are mainly for people who travel a lot. Do not neglect these groups of potential customers, as they are moving advertisements. Once they leave, who knows they weren’t remember such a new and interesting product?

Cooperate with China hot travel spot areas, with clear target customer groups and let customers on the spot experience the advantage brought by the products.

Tips #3. Offline real shop sales.

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This channel has higher investment costs than the online channel, but it can provide customers the self-experience of products, improve seller’s credibility and increase purchase rate.

The best location to open offline real shops are the cities with serious air pollution problems which include Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Baoding, Nanjing, Hefei, Xi’an, Tianjin and Jinan etc.

Tips #4. Expand selling area.

Air business is not limited to environments whose air is polluted.  This can be applied in other areas that include:

  • To encounter oxygen deficit during travel time.
  • Office staff with high pressure at work.
  • Migraine patients.
  • Uncomfortable sport training settings.
  • Older people that have difficulties in breathing.
  • When in fatigue and drowsiness.
  • Pregnant women that feel chest tightness, shortness of breath and who have breathing difficulties.
  • Students who need concentration.
  • Daily usage for the family.

The above potential consumers have no relationship with air pollution. At Amazon, there are some customers leave comments clearly saying that the air product is effective and relieves their symptoms.

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Do not limit the market position to the level of “air pollution”. Even places that have no air pollution have great consumer potential waiting for entrepreneurs to dig in.


Since canned air is a new business, some startups intend to monopolize the market from the beginning and want to take all advantages of the opportunities. However, the business is based on acting, not on thinking. Therefore, to work up from the first step is better than you have great ambition and a grand plan.

The most expensive cost to this business is not the amount you will invest, but it is the time you lose when others are taking action while you are waiting.

When this business’ market become saturated, the difference between you and people who ventured into the business a few years earlier won’t be who is earning more or less but can or can’t make profit from the air business.

The decision to act or not to act is up to you.

If you have more suggestion, please leave your comment below.