Project Description

1600D Under Cap Vacuum Filling Machine General Description:

1600D is a new design under cap vacuum filling machine combines vacuuming, dosing filling, sealing and recovery. It will fill under the cap and sealing  immediately at the vacuum working situation.

This under cap vacuum filling machine is easy to operate with piston vacuum pump, gas booster pump, recycle pump. Good air tightness and measuring accuracy. It can be used for filling the refrigerant (F12, F22,R134a), air condition lubricants and butane gas cartridge.


Technical Parameters:

Outline of host (L*W*H) (mm) 970*510*1500
Height of aerosol can (mm) 120~320
Diameter of aerosol can (mm) Customizable depending on aerosol cans of different size
Closing diameter (mm) 27.5
Closing contact height (mm) 4.7
Capacity (cans/hr) 500-1000
Max. gas consumption (L/min) 1000


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