Project Description

Canned Fresh Air Filling Machine Assembly Line 2800E General Description:

2800E automatic fresh air filling machine assembly line is an automatic filling line which is made up of a set of machines: automatic can arranging machine, automatic valve inserting machine, one vacuuming machine, one sealing machine, three gas filling machines, automatic water bath tester and packing table. Compared with other types, this line is equipped with water bath tester, which can check every can to see if there is a leakage. That guarantees high quality of each product. Fixed on five working tables, this assembly line can produce 80 cans per minute with only one or two people to operate, which can achieve high productivity to satisfy the demand of manufacturers. And this line is mainly used to fill fresh air and is also suitable for O2, compressed air, N2 and CO2, which is in the leading level of this industry.

Automatic can arranging machine

The machine finishes can arrangement and transmission more smoothly with one conveyor belt throughout the whole line and other eight belts, which are controlled by two blast-proof motors respectively. That can keep the one belt going on to convey cans to continue processing after finishing can arrangement, which makes its operation more flexible.

Automatic valve inserting machine

This valve inserting machine is suitable for the valve without a pipe, which consists of a valve hopper and a valve pressing machine. There is a vibrating disk for valve selecting inside the hopper, which makes the valves lined up orderly through vibration, then finishes inserting. That saves time greatly.

Vacuuming&sealing&gas filling system

The system is equipped with one vacuuming machine, one sealing machine and three gas filling machines, fixed on one working table. To protect raw material from being polluted and ensure the high quality of products, the can will be vacuumed before sealing. And with three gas filling machines working simultaneously, its productivity has been improved to a great extent.

Automatic water bath tester

The water bath tester is widely used in the leak detection of all kinds of aerosol products. It consists of transmission disk, chains for can hanging and water-bath tank. The cans are brought into the water-bath tank with the temperature of 50 ℃, and then immersed in the warm water for several minutes. During this period, those unqualified products will leak or be out of shape, which can be easily picked out. That can keep each product reliable to use and well-stored in different temperature. And the water-bath tank is made from stainless steel and has insulating layer, which makes it resistant to corrosion and has a longer service life.

Packing table

The conveyor belt finally carries finished products to the packing table. This working table only needs one or two workers to do final packing. That offers enough space for them to put the products into carton and packs them all together.

Technical Parameters

Production speed 12000-20000cans/day
Gas filling volume 100-1000ml(can be customized)
Gas filling accuracy ≤±1%
Air source 0.65-1.0Mpa
Max. gas consumption (m^3/min) 0.6(m3/min)
Diameter of cans (mm) 35-75mm
Height of cans (mm) 70-330mm
Valve (mm) (25.4mm)

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