Project Description

Automatic Water Bath Machine General Description:

Automatic hanging aerosol water bath leak detecting machine (tank length:2.44 m、width:0.85 m depth:0.52m). the machine is adapting all kinds of aerosol products (internal expansion seal ), 100% detecting product free of the material of tank. The main driving device of the machine adopts explosion-proof motor, and equipped with overload electrical components, which can ensure the safe operation of the whole machine. There is explosion proof electric heating pipe arranged in the water tank, so that the water temperature can be heated to the required temperature, and automatically controlled. This machine adopts stainless steel chain, cage clamp reliable off, with automatic drying device. This machine adopts stainless steel chain, to make tank hanging fixture reliable and never drop off, and automatic drying device. The machine is provided with a spiral tank separating device, so that single aerosol tank also can pass and complete water bath leak detecting even when there are several tanks on conveyor belt without a stop, there is overload clutch in the transmission part, so that there won’t be tank blocking、tank falling in the work process, also won’t soaking in the water for a long time. Conveyor belt configuration optional.

Technical Parameters:

Matching aerosol valves 1 inch(internal expansion seal)
Matching aerosol tank (special specification can be customized)


Work pressure (Mpa) 0.65-1
Power supply voltage AC380V 50HZ
Water bath leak detecting machine main drive head power (Kw) 1.1
Electric heating power (Kw) 36
Power control cabinet and heating pipe type Flame proof
control accuracy ±1℃
Water tank capacity (M3) 1.2
Dry air pressure (Mpa) 0.3-0.6
Conveyor motor power (Kw) 0.75
Productivity (tank / minute) 50-75

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