Project Description

3600 Automatic Nozzle Machine General Description:

The automatic nozzle machine is equipped 108L hopper mounted nozzle, one of about 15000 guns, and automatic detection blanking device can automatically added to the filter nozzle vibration.

Design 6-position rotary installation, the machine runs smoothly and stable, medium-speed engines up to 80/min, high-speed machines up to 160/min. Control system Siemens LOGO do the core material has not shut down, no tank shutdown, full tank stop vibration plate automatic supply nozzle monitoring and other functions, to achieve operating fully automated, unattended machine without a full-time staff, really achieve the effect of saving labor personnel.

This automatic nozzle machine is easy to adjust and use lift handle to change the height, and it has set height correction.


Technical Parameters:

Production speed: 160bottles/min
Applicable height: 100mm-330mm
Applicable cans: ф35mm-70mm
Machine dimensions: L1200mm*W700mm


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