Project Description

3600 Automatic Capping Machine General Description:

This automatic capping machine for aerosol filling line adopts Simens PLC and schmeider low voltage component. There are advanced personto machine interface and it will stop alarm automatically when waiting for feeding and appearing fault and so on.

The 3600 automatic capper machine also has system of covering cap and choosing system, and the whole process doesn’t need work staff. Our capping machine can correct the cap which is distortion to some degree online. These can decrease the consumption of cap. It has advantage of low energy, running stable, fast speed, high efficiency and reducing the cost of labor.


Technical Parameters:

Production speed: 130cans/min
Applicable height: 100mm-330mm
Applicable can size: ф35mm-70mm


aerosol filling machines datasheet           aerosol filling machines video in action

aerosol filling machines outline drawing           aerosol filling machines quality control

how to selecting an aerosol filling machines

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