Project Description

Automatic Cap Pressing Machine  General Description:

Automatic cap pressing machine composed of four parts: the automatic cover feeding, sorting, rotating and buckling. Full automatic control, without manual operation, saving time and effort. Automatic stop in condition of cover or tank absence, making it safe and reliable. Suitable for buckling requirement of different specifications of aerosol tanks. Can reduce labor by 1-2, improving productivity, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers of aerosol.

Technical Parameters:

Suitable aerosol tank(special specification can be customized ) Height(mm)80-350
Working pressure (Mpa) 0.65-1
Power supply voltage AC380V 50HZ
Electric control cabinet and motor Explosion-proof/Flame-proof
Maximum gas consumption (cubic/min) 0.8
Motor power(Kw) 1.1
Productivity (tank/min) 40-60


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