Project Description

2800A Aerosol Filling Machines General Description:

This full automatic aerosol spray online weight detecting machine machine is adopting stable high sensitive weighting sensor and signal collecting module, processing high speed calculating with PLC, together with an Intuitive humanizing interface, well-designed turntable conveying mechanism, giving advantages such as good stability, fast response, high accuracy and so on to it, making it late-model device for online weight detecting, and an ideal choice for manufacturer of aerosol.


Technical Parameters:

Suitable aerosol tank(special specification can be customized) Height(mm)105-350
Testing speed 40-60 tank/min
Power supply voltage AC380V 50HZ
Electric power consumption 0.3KW
Weighing range With in 1.5KG
Static deviation 0g
Dynamic deviation ±1.0g
Air pressure (Mpa) 0.65-1
Maximum gas consumption (cubic / min) 0.5


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