Project Description

1600NT Aerosol Machines General Description:

1600NT Aerosol machines is a new design automatic aerosol filling on the basis of 1600N. It consist of small dose liquid filler, sealing machine, small dose gas filler on one working station. Use the screw bottles pusher instead manual work. It has two working model: manually intermittent filling and automatic intermittent filling, intermittent time is adjustable, very flexible and efficient.

This aerosol machines compact design, production rate and save labors. It can filling N2, freon, compressed air. The pneumatic components are imported from Japan and German, high stability and long using life. Need o customized by samples.

Technical Parameters:

Outline (L*W*H) (mm) 1200*800*1700
Capacity (cans/hr) 800-1800
Liquid fill (ml) 0-40 (customizable)
Gas fill (ml) 0-40 (customizable)
Repeated filling accuracy 0.1%
Diameter of cans (mm) 35-65 (customizable)
Height of aerosol can (mm) 30-200 (customizable)
Valve (mm) 25.4 (1 inch)
Gas supply (MPA) 0.5-0.7
Max. gas consumption (m^3/min) 1.1


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