It is no secrets that sales channel will make or break your canned fresh air business. So, what sales channels you can develop? How? We have analyzed and given practical action guidelines for almost every sales channel that we think would help you make profits from fresh air business, as well as canned oxygen business.

Before we get to know the sales channels, we need to figure out the reasons why you are afraid of failure in the fresh air business?

people who breathing bottled fresh air - jrpacking

It has been more than three years since the advent of the canned fresh air business. Over the past three years, those who have already acted and persisted have earned a lot. As you can see from their actual actions: If you believe that this is a real business and not a speculative business, and willing to act, then you can make a profit from it as well.

But there are still some businessmen keep asking the following questions:

  1. Is it too late to start this business now?
  2. Is the market already occupied by those who started early?
  3. If I can start this business now, how should I do to make money?

Merchants who are still struggling with the first two issues are usually limited to the following two aspects:

  1. They always think that China, India and other countries are the most polluted countries in the world. The product of canned air is sold in countries with serious pollution, but I am not familiar with China and I don’t know any Chinese, Indian. There is no business connection to sell the product to the local market, so I can’t make this business.
  1. I know some people in China, but we are only friends, not business partners, and still don’t know how to deal with this business. As for India… forget it, I know nothing about it.

However, things have changed.

The truth is that many people have already earned the first pot of gold in their lives by selling canned air, and even more.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at the real feedback from the merchants of the fresh air business:

canned fresh air business testmonial - jrpacking

Sounds inspiring? But wait for a second…

What did you see in the above feedback?

They said their best market is not in China but somewhere else. They can earn money from this business is that they believe this can be a real business and willing to take action for the business.

Actually, that’s the third question is about, if I can start this business now, how should I do to make money?

The reason why sellers thought they can’t make a profit from canned fresh air business is that they just focus on the China market, or the countries they thought seriously polluted.

But for the sellers who are willing to try more sales channels and creative ideas about this business, even started with lower productivity and investment, they made a profit at least.

Profits of the canned fresh air business often associated with the following aspects:

#1. Low Cost To Start With

start canned fresh air business with low cost - jrpacking

Everyone knows that fresh air is an indispensable substance for human beings. Problems are the cost and quality of the fresh air every human being can get is different.

The truth is that some people can easily get qualified and costless fresh air during their daily life, while someone is struggling for accessing high-quality fresh air, or with a high cost to get the desired quality fresh air.

This means as a businessman, you can also get the qualified fresh air with low cost to sell the people who are in need but difficult to access.

How can you get high quality but low-cost fresh air to be selling?

Obviously, the answer is the mountains.

People can’t get qualified fresh air because people usually can’t living in the mountains. And this is the opportunity that you can provide your products over to them. As a result, what you need to do is carrying the fresh air front to the people who are in need.

Now, we know that high-quality air is coming from the mountains, that means the fresh air source is free, that would cost nothing for your canned fresh air business.

Based on this truth, let’s estimate how much it will cost you to invest in this business.

The cost of invest in the fresh air business probably include:

  1. Purchase the air filling equipment and related accessories, cost range from $10000 – $30000.
  2. Cans and designs cost range from $2000 – $20000.
  3. Labor costs various on your local market conditions.
  4. Develop market cost range from $1000 – $20000, depends on what sales channel you will choose.

So, the minimum investment amount of starting this business is about $13000, if you sold your product for $5 per can, that means you only need to sell 2600 pieces to get back your cost.

If you take this business as a serious matter, you will be able to raise enough money to start the business.

#2. Diversified Business Size

business size for canned fresh air business - jrpacking

One of the advantages of the fresh air business is that this business is suitable for an investment of various sizes. Even one person can start this business with thousands of dollars. If you can find extra investment or some business partner for this project, you are on the half-way to success.

You can deal with this business when you still working for some company. That means you are doing fresh air business for an extra income besides your current fixed salary.

If you can do this business with your family members or other partners, then your team size at least exceeded the size of a part-time model. This can be a competitive advantage as well.

For the even bigger business model, like a professional business team to operate this business is superior to all the sizes above we have mentioned.

Choosing the right size for your investment is the best way to start this business. Don’t deliberately choose a large scale for competition.

#3. Market Capacity

market capacity of canned fresh air business - jrpacking

Well, fresh air like food for human beings, everyone needs them to live. That means fresh air business has a big market capacity. The question is how much exactly market capacity you can take over? This is the real matter that determines how is your fresh air business will be in the future.

Let’s confess the truth is that if you feel difficult to take up the market capacity, your competitors much possibly feel not easy as well. So, the key to making distinguish from you and your competitors is that you must give reasons why people have to buy the fresh air what you sold not your competitors?

Make sense, right?

Then, what reasons you can convince your customers?

  • Your fresh air resource is better than your competitors. The quality of the original material is the key to any finished products, canned fresh air makes no exception.
  • The design of the cans. After all, well-designed appearance is more likely to receive attract from the consumers than products in ordinary outward. Thus, the design of the cans is somewhere which deserves you to invest more.
  • Easy of use. Try to imagine that a customer got your product but don’t know how to use it. This is terrible. So, a product without much-complicated mechanical components needs to assemble and with clear guidance is an added feature to beat down your competitors.
  • Free trial before purchasing a product. Give a chance for customers to experience how is your products like, and let them know what difference between your products and the others. Real experiencing is the best proof for everything.
  • Reasonable pricing. You definitely don’t want your products with the lowest or highest price but at a reasonable price. Make sure your product is really providing value to your customers.
  • After-sales guarantee. Customers are afraid that they will not get timely after-sales service when they encounter some problems after purchasing the product. And not every seller is responsible to the customer. Therefore, your attitude towards this business will determine customers will buy your product or not.
  • Can really solve the customer’s problem. Your products are really can help customers and fix the issues they encountered. For example, when someone goes to climbing mountain, because of lack of oxygen and causes difficulty breathing or other uncomfortable symptoms, your product is portable and effective, certainly to solve the problem of this kind of customers.

And more…

#4. Sales Channel

sales channels for canned fresh air business - jrpacking

This is the core competitiveness when it comes to making a profit from the fresh air business. But have no worries, we will guide you the easiest and simplest way to start your canned fresh air business.

If you still think that the best market for fresh air business is in China, it is so regretted that your idea not only limits the scope of your business, but also makes you miss more opportunities to make money.

What do you think about this?

Does this mean if you get involved in the same market and you will get profit as well?

Definitely not!

They can make money in that market because they are familiar with the market. They know what kind of people need their products. Much more, they know how to sell the products to the targeted customers.

So, the best way to make a profit from this business is to start with your familiar market.

What? You are not familiar with anywhere and still have no idea how to step out the first step for this business?

We are ready to make an in-depth SOP about how to set up this business from scratch, even for someone who never did any business before, they can easily light up their business by following below guidelines.

Channel 1: E-commerce Platforms

E-commerce platform is definitely a good sales channel. Not only is the lower investment threshold, as well as there is no need to worry about the source of the customer. Especially for the famous e-commerce platforms, just register an account, upload your well-designed products, answering potential customers’ questions, waiting for the orders.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what e-commerce platforms can be started with:

eBay Platform

The funny thing is that we found the best e-commerce platform for selling portable canned fresh air or oxygen product is on eBay instead of Amazon. See below screenshot for the monthly selling numbers:

Portable canned oxygen selled on Ebay - jrpacking

And there should more information can catch your attention is the feedback to each product is almost 5 stars.

What we should think it over is that this product sells well for reasons.

Have you noticed that each product sold with almost 5 stars feedback from the customers? From our perspective, there should at least two main reasons:

  • High quality of the products
  • Promotion for the products

High quality of the products is the key to any business. Because only people trust your products, they may continually repeat purchases from your store. You don’t want your customers to do a one-time business with you, otherwise, you will always be in the state of looking for new customers.

Spend proper money to advertise your product. This will not only help you quickly promote the product, but also test what type of customer your product is suitable for.

Amazon Platforms

Even if the current data shows that the best sales platform is eBay, that doesn’t mean we have to give up other platforms.

It is no exaggeration to say that Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. What’s more, Amazon’s localized storefronts up to 17 countries and available in language in Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish.

Amazon localized storefront site from all over the world - jrpacking

This means if you are not familiar with China or other markets, you have a chance to start with your local Amazon online store.

If you are not able to access the available Amazon online store, you still probably find your local best online store as well.

Amazon or other local e-commerce platforms can provide you with large customer resources. You don’t need to consider the source of the customer, just focus on solving product problems.

Built Your Own Website

built your website for canned fresh air business - jrpacking

If you are able to build your own website, this will not only help you built your own sales channel, but also differentiate you from your competitors.

The key to running a website successfully is the number of traffic flow from the internet. If you are unable to operate these stuff, you can hire or outsource these to some professional agent.

Or you can directly advertise your products on Google, Youtube, Bing, Yandex, etc.

Social Media Channels

social media sales channel for canned friesh air business - jrpacking

Nowadays, everyone lives in various social media platforms. Do you browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram every day for some new things? Why not advertising your special canned fresh air on there?

Never give up anywhere and any chance that you can display and pitch your product to customers. Once you got enough leads from targeted customers, you will be busy dealing with the delivery.

Channel 2: Offline Store

Still unable to do business with customers online? Then considering some offline stores. The offline store provides customers real touch and feels about your products.

Pharmacy Store

canned fresh air sold in pharmacy store - jrpacking

Pharmacy store is an ideal way of selling canned oxygen or fresh air products.

Most of your potential customers are highly related to healthy. They are caring about their health, and your products will help them to solve some problem. This is the reason why pharmacy store will be the best places to selling your products.

The question is how to convince the store to cooperate with you?

Don’t be shy, just bring your products to them, let them try your product for free, talk with them face to face about all the details of this business.

Worry about they refuse your products? Get reject is quite common in the business world. Figure out how many drug stores are there in your district, visiting them one by one, rinse and repeat this process until you visited the last one in your region.

Gift Shop

canned fresh air sold in gift shop - jrpacking

This is somewhere people willing buying something special for someone. Particularly in the traveling area.

Canned fresh air products have local characteristics, are easy to carry, and do help people in travel. Therefore, whether it is for your own use or as a gift, this product is the best choice for this type of customer.


canned fresh air sold in gymnasium - jrpacking

This is the place where people are quite caring about their health as well. Canned fresh air or oxygen products can help with problems in hypoxia or other breathing difficulties during exercise.

Same with the drugstore, visiting each store with your products, let them know your products, try for free, talk with them. Dig out until the last store in your district.

Local Supermarket

supermarket sales channel for canned fresh air business - jrpacking

Don’t forget this is a good place that every family has to visit almost every week. The places where a large crowd gathers, it is a place where merchants can get high traffic, and your products can get more exposure.

All you have to do is display your product in the best position in the supermarket to get the best exposure and generate a deal. Of course, don’t forget to design your products as attractive as possible.

Airport Duty-free Shop

canned fresh air sold in airport duty-free shop - jrpacking

If it weren’t for our staff to see it in person, we don’t believe that some customers have displayed canned fresh air to the airport duty-free shop. Does it sound particularly creative?

The reason why duty-free shops are suitable for selling the canned fresh air is probably related to tourism. After all, people buy the canned fresh air from here are not for rigid demand, they just want to keep it as a souvenir and want to give this product a new meaning.

What kind of souvenir can generate transactions? For example, after a person went to a place to travel, he wants to buy a local special product that can represent the local characteristics and is different from the general ones to the family or friends. The canned fresh air can be the perfect gift in terms of these two requirements.

Channel 3: Distributors

Distributors for selling canned fresh air - jrpacking

This is quite like the offline store channel, dig out your local business distributors which related to the areas of health, daily consumer products, gifts, sports, etc.

Contact or visiting them one by one, until the last one.

Last but not least, you can combine above several channels for your business at the same time. As long as you can deal with all the things and afford the cost.

#4. Long Lasting Operation and Constantly Improving

improving the data for your canned fresh air business - jrpacking

For anyone wants to operate a business with good results, all you need to do is make a great effort. If you don’t want to invest even one penny, one second and little effort to your business, then no one can help you in the world.

Effort for what and how?

Constantly improving and analyzing your business.

For online channels, when you operated your business for a while, you need to analysis your customers’ quantity, do you have enough customers?

If there are not enough customers visiting your store, you need to make an effort on the traffic flow, expand the advertised amount, continuously operation for longer, keep scaling your data until you got an ideal result.

And what did your customers react when they came to your online store?

This is actually testing the real intent behind the visitors. They just look at your products for curiosity, or want to know more about your product, or want to compare the price with other sellers.

According to different intentions, design different product pages for targeted customers to meet their needs. All in all, constantly testing this data will help you increase your conversion rate and get orders.

For the offline stores, how many times and how frequently have you visited them? Just give up your reach out once got rejected from the store owners? Benefits never come in this way.

Try to negotiate with them strategically and consistently keep interaction with them. Figure out what the exact problem they don’t cooperation with you, and give practically solution.

Same procedure with your local distributors.

Final Thoughts

Once you settled down your determination to the canned fresh air and canned oxygen business, set up your business goal, and take action for each step.

Always remember that the golden rule for anyone want to success is that take action first then analysis and improving all the details that based on the data.

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