Whenever you feel like overwhelmed in the aerosol filling machine market, there is a matter of learning some essential knowledge about what factors determined your choices when you decide to go with an aerosol filling machine.

Let’s dive right in:

Types of Aerosol Filling Machine

To find the right type of aerosol filling machine is mainly helping you to avoid some potential risk in following mass production. And these risks include not only costing you a lot of time and money, as well as affecting the quality of your finished aerosol products.

Generally speaking, there are three types of aerosol filling machine as below:

  • Regular aerosol filling machines
  • Bag on valve aerosol filling machines
  • Under cap aerosol filling machines

So, what exactly type of aerosol filling machine you should choose? Let’s check out each type and find the answer to the question.

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Regular Aerosol Filling Machines

It is also known as the traditional aerosol filling machines due to its long history and wide range of applications.

This type of aerosol filling machine usually conforms to the filling process of liquid filling, crimping and gas filling. This filling process is very common when producing the aerosol products. 

For its application range, from daily consumer aerosol products to technical aerosol products, all these can be done with the common type of aerosol filling machine.

Therefore, if you are in the application range and filling process, just go with this type of aerosol filling machine.

How To Select An Aerosol Filling Machine: Definitely Buying Guide

Bag On Valve Aerosol Filling Machines

Well, this type of aerosol filling machine is superior to traditional types in many ways, and bag on valve aerosol filling machine is more inclusive in terms of formulation. That because the gas and liquid are filled separately.

The bag on valve aerosol filling machine gains it’s increasingly popular in recent years. It is particularly fitting for a production like cosmetics, food, Nasal spray, and fire extinguisher aerosol products, etc.

If your product is highly corrosive and environmental friendly required, this type of aerosol filling machine maybe your best solution for production.

You can find more advantages of bag on valve aerosol filling machine here. And the downside of this type is the cost may a little higher than the regular type.

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Under Cap Aerosol Filling Machines

This type of aerosol filling machine combines the functions of vacuuming, gas filling, crimping and gas recovery on one working station. And the filling process is different from either traditional nor bag on valve aerosol filling machines.

It requests vacuuming before any other filling process, because the filling work is done under the cap and keep the vacuum environmental. 

Under cap aerosol filling machines are applied for filling refrigerant (F12, F22, R134a), air condition lubricants and butane gas cartridge, etc.

Aerosol Filling Machine Configurations

There are several configurations of the aerosol filling machine. They are:

  • Full-automatic aerosol filling machines
  • Semi-automatic aerosol filling machines
  • Manual aerosol filling machines

First of all, you need to figure out what productivity will you desire? If your demand is about hundreds of cans per day, that means you possibly need a manual aerosol filling machine is enough. 

But if you have a need for about thousands of cans per day, then you better to go with the semi-automatic aerosol filling machines. 

For production capacity that up to hundreds of thousands of cans per day, take the full automatic aerosol filling machines without any doubt.

Once figured out what level of yield do you need, let’s review each configuration one by one.

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Full-automatic Aerosol Filling Machines

In most cases, this configuration included automatic cans feeding machine, automatic gas filling machine, automatic crimping machine, automatic liquid filling machine, automatic valve feeding machine, automatic weighing check machine, automatic cap presser machine, automatic water-bath checking machine, automatic label machine, and automatic packaging machine.

Every single part is performed highly automatic, the interesting thing is that manufacturers can choose some of these parts according to their budgets and productivity requirements. 

For instance, a customer in Europe may come with a higher labor cost. In this circumstance,  we recommend customers to go with the machines which are saved labors but not affecting the production efficiency. Such as automatic valve feeding machine, automatic cap presser machine, automatic weighing check machine, automatic labor and packing machine. 

Knowing each part worked for what purpose, keep the essential parts to maximize productivity. 

After all, the higher configuration the higher cost pay for the purchasing.

How To Select An Aerosol Filling Machine: Definitely Buying Guide

Semi-automatic Aerosol Filling Machines

This level of configuration usually consists of automatic bottle feeding machine, automatic gas filling station, automatic crimping machine, automatic liquid filling station, automatic packaging machine.

Each part can work independently, and available to add some more automatic parts. This configuration is suitable for customers who are in medium-budget and productivity requests.

The fun part of this configuration is that customers can both expand or reduce the configuration. When adding an automatic valve feeding machine, or some other automatic parts, increased the automatic degree immediately. Or take out the automatic cans feeding machine to remain the filling and crimping stations only.

The cost of this configuration is correspondingly reduced.

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Manual Aerosol Filling Machines

As it named, this is for manually operated configuration. It comes with gas filling station, crimping and liquid filling stations. And each station has options for manual or automatic operation. However, this configuration can’t be fully-automated operation even in automatic mode.

It is the cheapest cost among all configurations but slowest productivity.

Aerosol Filling Machine Quality

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Pneumatic Components

However, aerosol filling machine quality is highly related to the material of the main parts and designing.

What does this meaning?

Do you know that aerosol filling machine is pneumatically driven? Due to it is used in production with gas and propellant. For safety sake, all components are explosion-proof, even if there are PLC control system aerosol filling machines, all the electric components must be safe.

The main parts are referred to pneumatic components, such as pneumatic actuators, pneumatic switches and sensors, pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders, etc. 

In the current pneumatic components international market, there are some manufacturers are known as the qualified vendor. With different branding, price and quality are accordingly variations.

Customers can tell the quality of aerosol filling machines through the branding of pneumatic components. 

The question is why pneumatic components are the factor that determines the quality of aerosol filling machines?

Because it determines the safety performance of the aerosol filling machine. When it comes to an aerosol filling machine, the most important feature is the safety performance, not the filling speed, filling accuracy, filling capacity, etc. 

All the other features are based on the foundation of safety guarantee. No safety guarantee, fast filling speed, high filling accuracy is useless.

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Mechanical and Pneumatic Schematics

Another factor determines the quality of aerosol filling machine is the structure of designing. 

What designing exactly?

Design for an aerosol filling machine mainly refers to the structure of the mechanical and pneumatic schematics. These two designs will determine how the aerosol filling machines work?  What filling speed can achieve? How filling accuracy is like? 

In spite of the filling system is a complicated network in both mechanical and pneumatic designing, there are some key factors we can take into consideration when we find the best aerosol filling machines.

Firstly, stable performance is the general criteria for a qualified aerosol filling machine. Can you imagine that an aerosol filling machine works for 5 minutes, and then stops for troubleshooting hours? 

That is being said, despite the machine filling speed is 100 cans per minute, but not running stably, it’s overall productivity is slower than a machine at filling speed about 50 cans per minute but running stable.

The second criterion comes to gas filling quality. There are two factors to identify the gas filling quality. One is filling speed while the other is filling accuracy. 

In terms of gas filling speed, actually, it depends on the filling amount. A 400ML capacity definitely requires more time than a 20ML filling volume.

Filling accuracy often associated with the size and quality of gas cylinder. Remember the golden rule regarding the filling accuracy: the smaller of the cylinder the higher filling accuracy will be achieved.

The third criterion should be the crimping system. A qualified crimping system will be a guarantee in terms of gas leakage issues. To spot the crimping quality, you can’t just pay attention to the sealing ring, sealing workflow, as well as the sealing claw, valves, and cans. 

The next criterion for filling system design is the liquid filling. This part also requires filling speed and filling accuracy both qualified. 

Regarding liquid filling speed, it is related to the liquid filling amount, the large amount takes longer time to fill. Liquid filling accuracy determined by the size and quality of the liquid cylinder. Same with the gas filling, the smaller size of liquid cylinder, the higher filling accuracy will be.

Last, weighing and pressure checking. These two processes aim to check the finished product quality. It is operated by the weighing check machine and the crimping diameter depth measuring instrument.

About the pneumatic schematics design, it is hard to identify the design quality with the eyes. It should run through the entire equipment operation process. 

If the gas path of the equipment runs smoothly, there is no gas trapping, then the gas path design can be regarded as qualified. Actually, the gas path should keep improving for any aerosol filling machine.

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Aerosol Products Features 

Different aerosol products have different demands on aerosol filling machines. If you want to find a proper aerosol filling machine to production your aerosol products, take a look at what factors to look for when considering to buy an aerosol filling machine.

What Exactly Aerosol Products Do You Want To Produce?

If your products are industrial related products, or household aerosol products, such as aerosol PU foam spray, aerosol spray paint, aerosol rust removal spray, fresh air & oxygen spray products, aerosol pesticide products, air freshener products etc. 

These kinds of aerosol products require normal configured aerosol filling machines for production.

Because these kinds of aerosol products are quite common on the market, from the formulation to production, all the production processes are about liquid filling, crimping, gas filling, testing, packaging.

For personal care and food aerosol products such as facial spray, sunscreen spray, olive oil spray, cake release spray, etc. These aerosol products may require bag on valve aerosol filling machines. 

These two kinds of aerosol products are distinguished with others from their filling process and filling technology. Such as cosmetic products need to crimping first, then filling gas and liquid substantials. And the gas is filled separated from other materials. 

In this filling technology conditions, use the bag on valve aerosol filling machine is the best solution.

Another different aspect of the process may be the propellant. In terms of aerosol products, it usually Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide, or Butane Gas. 

What makes an association with selecting an aerosol filling machine is the propellant features. And the propellant feature doesn’t change anything but the filling accuracy. With the different filling accuracy requirements, may need a different type of aerosol filling machines as we mentioned above.

Filling Capacity

Filling capacity is important due to it determines how many finished aerosol products you can produce per hour. 

As we mentioned before, the larger amount of filling volume required, the slower filling speed will be. Therefore, the outcome is correspondingly changed.

Normally, if the filling volume range is not dramatically changed, the configuration and cost of the aerosol filling machine are not much changed neither. 

But if you are going to produce several types and specs of aerosol products with one aerosol filling machine, chances are, you will be disappointed with the quality of the finished aerosol products.

In the condition of several specs of same aerosol products to produce, one aerosol filling machine may enough to production. But it should come with a changeable panel to fit the proper size of aerosol cans.

With these configurations, customers only need one aerosol filling machine to produce the various specs of the same aerosol products.

What if there are several different aerosol products to produce? Such as spray paint, perfume spray, toner sprays? 

In this condition, only select a different type of aerosol filling machine according to what exactly aerosol products is the right solution.

Factory layout for production aerosol products - jrpacking

Factory Layout

This factor mainly determines the structure of aerosol filling machines. To increase safety and productivity, all the aerosol products should have corresponding regulations when it comes to production.

Therefore, each factory comes with different layout designs. Some factories may need “L” shaped aerosol filling machines while others may require “U” shaped. 

Speaking of the layout design, there are some things need to consider before implementation, they are:

Electricity Supplying

How much electricity supply will be used for running the aerosol filling machines? Actually, this depends on how big the aerosol filling machines need to driven and must conform to the national standard. Most importantly, it should safety equipped.

Considering electricity supplying before buying an aerosol filling machine can avoid supplying trouble during manufacturing.

Airsource Supplying

To keep the aerosol filling machine running stable and smooth, keep adequate air source supply is one of the basic essential requirements.

Airsource supplying depends on how much pressure does an aerosol filling machine needs to be driven and running. In order to ensure that operation always remains under 20%, and then in avoiding that the alarm activates, it is recommended to calculate the minimum airflow to dilute this gas loss to 15 % of the LEL9 :

  airflow supply calculae formula for aerosol products production - jrpacking

where:        GL = Gas Loss (expressed in m3 per hour) 

                   LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) is expressed in % 

A safety factor of at least 20 % should be added to this result to cover for accidental discharge of propellant (multiply by 1.2 or more).


Line speed:              240 cans per minute 

Propellant fillers:      Single stage rotary

Propellant:                Butane/Propane (mixture where the expansion ratio equals 250 and LEL equals 1.8 %) 

Gas loss per can:     1 ml (typically between 0.2-1 ml. To be measured because it depends on the machine and the valve) 

gas loss calculate formula for aeosol products production - jrpacking

If we consider a minimum safety factor of 20 %, the minimum airflow to dilute this gas loss to 15 % of the LEL is:

air flow final calculate formula for aerosol products production - jrpacking

Airsource often controlled by the air compressor, and in most cases, an aerosol filling machine should running with an air compressor.

Gassing Room

In manufacturing site, gas filling process should operate in an independently place, e.g gassing room. This is to give rise to safety protection. 

All the gassing room set up should conform to the national standard.

The reasons why take accounts on the gassing room before bought an aerosol filling machine, besides the size and structure of the aerosol filling machine, the filling process and labor arrangements are the potential factors that will affect the productivity and quality of the finished aerosol products.


End of line packaging is the last process of the whole production. It takes time and space. If you bought the full-automatic aerosol filling line to get higher speed for production, then considering equip with the labor machine, box and carton machine, and shrink-wrapping machine to keep in sync with the production.

How To Select An Aerosol Filling Machine: Definitely Buying Guide

Aerosol Cans & Valves

Obviously, aerosol cans and valves are the inevitable parts of manufacturing aerosol products. That because aerosol cans and valves determines the filling capacity and filling process as well. As we mentioned before, filling capacity and filling process are playing a big role in the whole production.

What makes an effect on selecting an aerosol filling machine is the aerosol cans size, material and the type of aerosol valves.

Normally, aerosol cans come with two kinds of material, aluminum and tins cans. Aerosol valves come with two types as well, male valves and female valves.

When buying an aerosol filling machine, firstly figure out the aerosol cans size and valves types will help you to avoid some unnecessary troubles in the coming production.


It is never been an easy work to find the right aerosol filling machines for your specific manufacturing. And since it cost large on the investment, manufacturers should consider as much as possible before making your final decision.

Aerosol filling technology is much more complicated than other kinds of filling machines. We should keep improving and updating our current knowledge about manufacturing aerosol products.

Now, it’s your turn. Leave us message about what aerosol products you want to production? What’s your project like? If there any problem during your mass production? Feel free to let us know.

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