Are you looking for a packaging solution for your aerosol products? such as cosmetic and beauty products, food products, pharmaceutical products, fire extinguisher etc. Or you just tired of using traditional aerosol packaging technology? Then why not try to use bag on valve technology to fix your packing issues?

traditional aerosol products spray - jrpacking
bag on valve products spray - jrpacking

Traditional aerosol products spray

Bag on valve aerosol products spray


1. Better Quality Of Finished Aerosol Products.

The finished aerosol product with bag on valve technology has better spray effect, mainly reflected in the wider spray range, the spray molecular weight is more even and finer, and it is easier to be absorbed.

2. No Limited Substances.

The gas and the material in the traditional aerosol spray technology must be mixed, so the choice of the substances is limited.

The gas and substances in the bag on valve packaging technology are separated, there would be no limit for the used material.

3. Safety Guarantee.

The most commonly used gas in traditional aerosol spray packaging is propane, which is very easy to explosive in high temperature or high pressure environment.

Therefore, the traditional aerosol spray packing can not be taken on the plane. The gas in the bag on valve package is usually nitrogen or compressed air, these kind of gases are safe.

4. More Environmentally Friendly.

The gas and material of the bag on valve package are separated. The material is filled into an vacuum bag, but the compressed air is filled between the bag and the cans.

The compressed air squeeze the bag to spray the material, thereby avoiding pollution caused by direct contact.

The whole filling process are finished in the aseptic workshop, and the whole process guarantees aseptic operation.

And more…

Chapter 1. What is bag on valve technology?

Bag on valve technology is a new trendy packaging technology for aerosol products. It is a multi-protective packaging system consisting of aerosol valves, vacuum bag, tin cans or aluminum cans, actuators, caps.

bag on valve technology - jrpacking

The material agent and the propellant are packaged separately in their respective containers, which reduces the complexity of the formulation and does not release the propellant during using, reducing the impact on safety and the environment. It is a safe aerosol packaging technology.

Traditional aerosol packaging mix the propellant and the liquid product when sprayed. With bag on valve technology, the product and the propellant are separated so only the product is dispensed.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

The bag is welded to the aerosol valve and then shoved inside the can which is made of either aluminum or steel.

The product is squeezed into the bag, while the propellant is filled into the space between the can and the bag.

When the actuator is pressed, the product is squeezed out of the bag by the propellant.

Because of the separation of the product and the propellant, liquids, creams, and gels can all be dispensed with bag on valve technology.

This separation also means that there is no need for the use of preservatives, which ensures product purity.

However, it also means that bag on valve technology does not work for any products that need to be shaken before use.

Chapter 2: Why Bag On Valve Technology?

In a long time, people use traditional aerosol packaging technology, that because of two reasons:

1.The cost of traditional aerosol packaging is lower than bag on valve packaging technology.

2.The bag on valve technology didn’t developed enough to bring profit to the business man and the consumers.

But now things changed. Both business man and the consumers are have critical requirements for their aerosol products.

bag on valve aerosol products for cosmetic - jrpacking
bag on valve aerosol products for food - jrpacking

Believe it or not, especially in cosmetic and food aerosol products. Sellers and buyers always consider the safety performance first, not the lower price.

Because only safety products can bring profit to both the business man and the consumers.

But how does bag on valve technology make both business man and consumers are benefit from it?

Production and distribution benefits of BOV aerosol packaging

1.The formulation does not have to be altered to accommodate propellant.

Thanks to today’s scientific and technology development, the formulation does not have to be altered to accommodate propellant.

Because as we mentioned early, the bag on valve aerosol packaging technology doesn’t requires mix the gas and the substances together, they are separately contained.

The improvement of formulation gives the most safety guarantee and cost down of aerosol products production.

2.Longer shelf life for oxygen-sensitive products.

The substances are contained by a four-layer vacuum bag, this will maximize the shelf life of the substances.

3.Efficient filling process.

Unlike traditional aerosol filling process, bag on valve filling process is based on the advanced bag on valve aerosol filling machines.

In today’s bag on valve aerosol filling machine market, there are automatic and semi-automatic filling machines for buyers to choose. And these bag on valve filling machines are much improved the technology of design and manufacturing.

The different type of bag on valve filling machine lead to different production efficiency.

4.Suitable for both liquid and viscous products.

BOV packaging system can applied to filling liquid and viscous aerosol products. Such as oil, shaven foam, even aerosol tea can use bag on valve packaging technology.

5.Can be used with standard actuators and aerosol cans.

Produced with standard actuators and aerosol cans means it can be widely used in aerosol production.

Because you don’t need to design a non-standard actuators and aerosol cans for packing BOV aerosol products.

Marketing Benefits.

Since the propellant and product are separated, bag on valve technology can be used to dispense a variety of products and textures, from liquids to gels to foams.

This means the same type of packaging can be used for a whole range of different products, increasing brand recognition.

Consumer benefits of BOV aerosol packaging technology

1.Up to 100% product emptying, no product left in the can.

With BOV packaged aerosol products, users can use up the last drop of product, no waste at all.

Because BOV packaged aerosol products can be sprayed in any direction, no need to fix certain angle.

2.Even and controlled spraying pattern for optimal results.

Due to good aerosol formulation and aerosol valve, users can get the most even and finer mist when spraying. This let the aerosol products can be absorbed fast and completely.

3.No pumping motion needed.

While traditional aerosol products need the help of pumping when spraying, the bag on valve packaged aerosol products no need anything to help, just press the button, users will get constantly spray mist.

4.Reduced spray noise.

BOV packaging technology makes less noise when spraying while traditional aerosol products makes louder noise when spraying.

5.More environmental friendly.

Due to the propellant separated from active substances, and the propellant is compressed air or nitrogen, bag on valve system is more environmental friendly.

Chapter 3: BOV Aerosol Spray Technology VS Traditional Aerosol Spray Technology

Many people think that “aerosol” refers to the propellant used to push the product out of the valve.

However, an aerosol is the suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in a gas. So, “aerosol” actually refers to the product that is dispensed.

All aerosol dispensing products can be packaged by two ways:

  • Bag on valve aerosol packaging technology.
  • Traditional aerosol packaging technology.
differences between traditional aerosol packaging and bag on valve packaging - jrpacking

What difference between the two packaging technology?

Let’s dive right in:

Features Of BOV Packaging Technology And Traditional Packaging Technology.

Sealing Performance Material Purity Spray Effect Spray Convenience Utilization Rate Spray Voice

BOV packaging

Good sealing performance, multi-protective material packaging system consisting of valves, four-layer vacuum bags, and aluminum cans. The gas and the material agent are separated packed, the material agent is filled into the food grade bag by vacuum aseptic technique, with good sealing performance, the material agent has no fear of oxidation, light, cold and heat, and secondary pollution. The sprayed material has a uniform and continuous fan-shaped nano-automized shape, which is more easily absorbed. There is no sediment, and it can be sprayed anytime. It can be sprayed to the end without several presses. 360 degree any angle spray. 100% used up, highly utilization. Quiet.
Traditional Packaging Poor sealing performance, no bag protect for material. The gas and the material are mixed, the material is not pure enough to optimize the product quality, and the poor sealing performance may cause other gas bacteria into the container and polluted, resulting in deterioration of the material. Poor spray  effect, and large impact force, not easily absorbed. There is a sediment, needs to be shaken before use. Requires several presses during using. When spraying, the bottle can only maintain a fixed angle of horizontal setting. There are residual, wasteful. There is noise released with the gas when spraying.

Differences Between The Packing Principle Of Bag On Valve Technology And Traditional Aerosol Packaging Technology

Packing Structure Of Gas And Material Agent Spray Principle Safety Performance

BOV packaging

The gas propellant is separated from the material agent (ie, the material does not contain propellant.) The BOV package is to fill the compressed air into a can, the material agent is filled into the bag.

When pressed the button, the compressed gas is squeezed out of the bladder, and the material agent inside the bag is squeezed out.

Due to the isolation of gas and material, the BOV packaging only release the material agent no release gas. The gas propellant is safe and pure compressed air, does not contain flammable propellant, has good flameproofness, good explosion-proof property and high safety performance.
Traditional Packaging Gas propellant mixed with material (ie, the material contains propellant.) The traditional aerosol packaging is to fill the gas propellant and the material agent  into the same container.

When pressed button, the compressed gas is directly squeezed the material out of the valve, and the gas propellant is also released.

Since the traditional aerosol packaging is mixed with the gas and agent, the gas and the material will be released at the same time when pressing, and many of the traditional aerosol propellants use flammable gas, which may cause burning and explosion.

Chapter 4: How does bag on valve work?

The product is completely separated from the eco-friendly air or nitrogen propellant. This separation keeps the product pure. B.O.V. packaging is 100% recyclable and offers both convenience and reliability for the consumer.

bag on valve filling process - jrpacking

Typically BOV are used in aluminum cans with a one inch opening for crimping the valve which is welded to a foil based vacuum bag with multi-layer film laminate.

Once the valve has been crimped compressed air or nitrogen is filled into the area between the bag and can. This process is called under cap gassing filling, it keeps the product and propellant separate at all times.

Chapter 5: Bag-On-Valve Applications

Most fluids and viscous products can be filled in a bag on valve system as long as the product’s viscosity is low enough to allow passage through the valve stem. A partial list of BOV applications is listed below.

aerosol cosmectis products - jrpacking

Cosmetics Aerosol Products Include:

  • Sun Care – SPF’s
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Facial Washes
  • Self-Tanning Sprays
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Spray toners
Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Pharmaceutical & OTC Aerosol Products Include:

  • Wound Washes
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Ear Washes
  • Eye Washes
  • First Aid Sprays
  • Baby Care
bag on valve aerosol products for food application - jrpacking

Food Aerosol Products Include:

  • Cooking Oils
  • Liquid Flavorings
  • Vinegar
  • Salad Dressings
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Jellies
  • Beverages – B.O.V. Solutions has multiple patents pending for Coffee/Tea Concentrates
bag on valve aerosol product for industrial application - jrpacking

Industrial Aerosol Products Include:

    • Liquid Fire Extinguishers
    • Air Fresheners
    • Odor Eliminators
    • Car Care Products
    • Hunting Products
    • Disinfectants
    • Furniture Polish & Cleaners


Some aerosol filling contractor said “ Any issues our customers may have with traditional aerosol filling are now resolved with our new Bag On Valve (BOV) system, one of the biggest advancements in recent packaging history.”

Obviously, the bag on valve technology can be used to solve many traditional aerosol packaging issues.

Also, the bag on valve technology is widely applied to packaging various aerosol products.

Chapter 6: Bag On Valve System

Bag on valve system include:

  • Aerosol valve
  • Vacuum bag
  • Aerosol material (substances)
  • Aerosol propellant
  • Aerosol actuator
  • Aerosol cans

Let’s go over each part of bag on valve system one by one.

bag on valve system - jrpacking
female valve and male valve for bag on valve packaging - jrpacking

Aerosol Valve:

Aerosol valve include female aerosol valve and male aerosol valve.

Both can be used for bag on valve packaging, the differences are:

Female aerosol valves are much more cost than male aerosol valves, and the filling speed of using female aerosol valves is faster than male aerosol valves.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Vacuum Bag:

For most aerosol products in bag on valve packaging, normally use 4-layers vacuum bag.

These 4 layers vacuum bag is FDA approved laminated. And you should considerate the bag size as well. Bag on valve systems are available in a large range of sizes.

bag on valve products spray - jrpacking

Aerosol material (substances):

Bag on valve systems are suitable for liquid as well as viscous products, such as gels, creams and ointments, in a number of application areas. Bag on valve systems are optimized for oxygen-sensitive and sterile products.

bag on valve packaging for bov aerosol products - jrpacking

Aerosol Propellant:

In bag on valve packaging technology, usually use compressed air or Nitrogen as the propellant. These two kinds of gas are environmentally friendly.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Image credit: Coster

Aerosol Actuator:

This is the most common using for bag on valve packaging. When user press the actuator, the aerosol substances sprayed out.

aerosol cans in BOV packaging system - jrpacking

Aerosol cans:

There are two kinds of aerosol cans for bag on valve packaging use.

One is aluminum cans, and the other is tin cans.

Both kind of cans can be used to filling aerosol products. The differences are:

Aluminum aerosol cans are cost more, but much cleaner and healthier.

Tin aerosol cans are cost little, but not as cleaner and healthier as aluminum aerosol cans. It is easy to rust, so it’s not good for keep the quality of finished aerosol products.

The bottom line?

When you make a decision which kind of aerosol cans to be use, except considering the cost and stable performance, consider the products feature as well.

Chapter 7: Bag On Valve Filling Process

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Bag on valve filling process is unlike filling common aerosol products. There are essential 4 process and optional 3 process for bag on valve aerosol filling.

Let’s have a look at each essential process in detail.

4 essential filling steps for bag on valve filling:

Step 1. placing of valve and vacuum bag inside the can.

This process is easy, but mostly it worked by manual.

So far, automatic BOV valve feeding machine is very expensive. Because the bov valve is with welded bag, this is a special valve, unlike common aerosol valves, few customers choose to use this device.

Step 2. Crimping and under cup gassing.

This is the most important process of the whole filling process. If this process can’t be worked well, you won’t get a good quality of finished aerosol products.

Firstly, the BOV valve must be crimped and then filling the propellant into the cans. Noted: not filling into the vacuum bag. Vacuum bag is for filling material. This is why propellant and the material are separated packing.

However, this process and next process are highly related to the filling speed and filling accuracy.

Best part?

If you want to get both efficient productivity and good quality of finished aerosol products, then you should try to use automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine to work for the whole process.

Step 3. Filling material into the vacuum bag.

As mentioned above, the vacuum bag is used to contain materials. After finished filling the material into the vacuum bag, the most important two process are completed.

To test the filling speed and filling accuracy, in the chapter 8, we have all information included in detail.

Keep reading.

Step 4. placing of actuator and cap.

This process can be done both by manual and an automatic feeding machine. Most actuators and caps are standard, this can be easy for feeding machine to work.

With the 4 essential filling process in mind, let’s get down to the 3 optional filling process.

They are:

  • Automatic aerosol can arrange machine.
  • Automatic weight control station.
  • Aerosol water bath checking machine.

You may noticed that, these 3 optional filling process are for speed up the productivity and save labors.

If your have less efficient productivity requirement, and your labor cost is not that high, you should use a semi-automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine, let the labors to arrange the cans, placing of actuator and caps.

By this way, you can cost down much and get a reasonable productivity for your business.

If you have high demand for productivity, and your labor cost is much high, then you should definitely use automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine, along with other automatic machines.

Chapter 8: How To Get A Quality Finished Aerosol Products By Using Bag On Valve Technology?

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

You know how important a quality finished aerosol products to your business, right?

But can you get a qualified aerosol products always? I guess you can’t.

The problems are:

  • Have you ever thought that even if you did this business for years, but you still didn’t know what exactly standards for a qualified finished aerosol products?
  • You already knew the standard, but how to achieve that standard? What factors affect your aerosol products’ quality?

After you figured out what problems you have been involved, let’s dive deep into these problems.

For almost all kinds of bag on valve aerosol products, the mainly quality standards are:

  • Gas leakage standard.
  • Weight standard.
  • Pressure standard.

Let’s review each standard in detail.

Gas leakage standard.

The purpose to test gas leakage is to guarantee the safety performance during the production, and to ensure the productivity.

Have an imagine that if you intend to filling 0.8MPa gas into the cans, but due to gas leakage, you always only can get around 0.4MPa gas filled.

This means either you have to stop filling or you have to filling twice to get an adequate gas volume filled.

To know whether is the gas leakage or not, you need to some methods to test, here are three typically way to test and corresponding solutions to each:

Method 1.

automatic gas leakage detect machine for aerosol production test - jrpacking

Image credit: EMERSON

With the help of aerosol gas leakage detector, you can easily test your aerosol filling leakage gas or not.

The image is the Emerson gas leakage detect machine, this machine is super expensive, but professional and efficient.

Method 2.

automatic water bath test machine for aerosol production - jrpacking

Water bath leakage test machine is an alternative option of automatic gas leakage test machine.

If you don’t want to buy such an expensive automatic gas leakage test machine, you can use aerosol water bath machine to test.

The aerosol water bath is a simple machine which contained hot waters and hook.

The hot water around 500 Celsius degree, the hook is for grabbing the cans, and make the water bath testing efficient, you can use labor to replace the aerosol water bath machine as well, but this would less productivity.

Method 3.

crimping diameter and deepth test instrument - jrpacking

Use crimping diameter depth measuring instrument to identify each can’s diameter and depth are standard or not.

Normally, the diameter is: 27.1 – 27.2mm, no more or no less than this range.

The depth is: 5.0 -5.1mm, no more or no less than this range.

From above video, it’s clearly shows everything about gas filling accuracy.

After knowing how to test the gas leakage, let’s take a look at the corresponding solutions.

There are 2 solutions for the gas leakage:

Solution 1.

aerosol gas leakage solution - jrpacking

Use a auxiliary tool to check if the center of the valve coincides with the center of the gas filling head. If these two center are not in line, it is likely to cause gas leakage.

Solution 2.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Use leveling instrument to check the fixed table. If this table is not parallel, it may cause gas leakage as well.

Next quality standard for bag on valve aerosol products:

Weight standard

Weight standard refers to the weight of liquid material inside the vacuum bag, not the whole finished aerosol products’ weight.

The standard of liquid material weight is ± 0.5g. More or less than this range are not acceptable.

If you want to get a qualified finished aerosol products, you must test gas and liquid material filling volume before mass production.

There are 2 method to test the weight of liquid material.

Method 1.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

To test liquid material weight, after filling gas and crimping, take the can on a electronic scale, reset the scale, then take the can to filling liquid material into the vacuum bag. Weighing again, you will get the only weight of liquid material.

Method 2.

solution for BOV gas leakage - jrpacking

After tested the weight of liquid material, you can go to mass production.

In mass production, you can use automatic weighing machine to test the whole cans’ weight.

Why in mass production is weighing the whole cans’ weight, but not only the liquid material weight?

Because if you test every can one by one, that would be inefficient for the production.

The best solution to ensure both the liquid filling accuracy and efficient for the production?

Before mass production, manual test the weight, Once the liquid filling work procedure is confirmed to be normal, use the automatic weighing machine to check.

Let’s get down to the last quality standard:

Pressure standard.

Pressure inside the cans plays an inevitable role for a finished bag on valve aerosol products.


If the pressure is too high, the vacuum bag will be broken, and no spray come out.

If the pressure is too low, there would be no spray come out neither.

So, the can’s inside pressure standard should be 0.8 -1.0 MPa for a standard bag on valve aerosol products.

Then how to test the inside pressure of a finished bag on valve aerosol products?

Method 1.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Use a inner pressure test gauge to check the pressure is correct or not.

This is for manual work, cost labor, and less efficient.

Method 2.

Bag On Valve Technology: The Ultimate Guide

Use a automatic measuring inner pressure equipment to check the pressure.

This equipment is automatically work, save labor cost and high efficient.

Time to know what solution for pressure issues.


In jrpacking company, their bag on valve aerosol filling machine is designed with a pressure sensor.

bag on valve aerosol filling machine for BOV production - jrpacking

This pressure sensor can automatically detect which cans are no gas filled or less gas filled, then the bag on valve aerosol filling machine is automatically stopped and alarm to remind you the problems.

Once the bag on valve filling machine alarmed, you should take out the cans and check following two aspects:

  • The working pressure of the bag on valve filling machine.
  • Bag on valve cans.

If the working pressure for bag on valve filling machine is insufficient, then you can’t filling adequate gas volume into the cans.

Therefore, you need to ensure the working pressure is sufficient first.

Check if the working pressure for the bag on valve equipment is stable or not. Because the working pressure may declined as the filling machine running.

Normally, the working pressure standard for operating a bag on valve aerosol filling machine should be 0.6 – 0.7 MPa.

The working pressure for the bag on valve filling machine is determined by the compressor which supply the pressure for the machine.

compressor for bag on vavle production - jrpacking

To get a stable working pressure supply to operating the bag on valve filling machine, the compressor requires at least 22kw for semi-automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine, and 45kw for fully automatic bag on valve aerosol filling machine.

After fixed the working pressure problem, then check the cans with following standards:

  • No deformation of the mouth of cans.
  • BOV valve can not be deformation neither.
  • The sealing ring inside the cans can’t be dropped off.

Once have checked all the above three quality standards, you are ensured to get a qualified finished bag on valve aerosol products.

However, to get a perfect bag on valve aerosol products, you need to master the knowledge of bag on valve aerosol filling machine, the formulation, the bag on valve system, the bag on valve filling process, bag on valve technology etc.


Bag on valve technology used to be seen as a niche market, only used for products that weren’t compatible with traditional aerosol technology. Today, bag on valve technology allows for better dispensing, better preservation, and better protection from oxygen and other contaminants making it a great packaging system for all aerosol products.

We hope this definitely guide of bag on valve technology can help you learn as much as possible.

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